Life Science

Securitas Insurance Partners has a broad range of  customized insurance options for medical device  manufacturers, distributors and life science companies. We seek to serve  both generic and specialized pharmaceutical clients, biotech firms, and  manufacturers of medical products, located in the US or worldwide.                  

Product Coverage – All  your devices, instruments, drugs, and other technology for medical and  biological purposes can be covered under one of our flexible plans, at any  point of their use, anywhere on earth.

Masterful  UnderwritingWe sport a team of experts unparalleled in knowledge policy  and liability for products. Because of this renowned staff, we craft plans that  consistently outperform your greatest expectations.

High-Scope Loss  Prevention – Highly particularized policies will go a long way toward  minimizing or totally preventing losses in a lawsuit.                                   

Industry Specific  Paperwork Our paperwork is specifically crafted for use in your  particular scientific and industrial fields. We don’t think you’re cookie  cutter companies, so we don’t use cookie cutter forms for your policies. It’s  completely in line with our ability to custom craft our coverage for you.                 

We Give you 110% — Our entire team  works with the express intent of  serving our customers to the highest degree of satisfaction. We will find any  way possible to serve your needs fully, however much they may change over time.