Due Diligence

Due diligence begins with our commitment to detail and is backed by our extensive deal experience and transactional expertise.  Our dedication and and experience to the private equity industry means that we can identify risks associated with target industries and companies in terms that private equity professionals can understand and value.

Our due diligence process is highlighted by the following:

Experience –  Over 20 years of deal experience, Securitas Insurance Partners,  has a team of professionals that have product and industry expertise on transactions of all sizes.

Client focus – We represent the  interests of our private equity firm client.  Our commitment is not to sell insurance to your target company.  Good, bad or indifferent, we will deliver our opinion on the target company’s insurance program.  Our remuneration arrangement allows us to provide this “objective” opinion.

Consistency- .  We have a consistent team from diligence through divestiture. Every project is lead by a Relationship Manager.  Our approach from data collection, transaction review, interaction with target company, deal team professionals to delivery of our report follows a strict protocol. We will provide the consistent team and work product for every transaction.

Industry Expertise- We have expertise in a wide variety of industries. In addition, through our relationship with Vanbridge LLC, we are able to tap into additional industry expertise when needed.

Thorough Due diligence is not just about reviewing insurance policies. Our services include:

  •  Stock Purchase Agreement  review for any risk management, indemnification, liability assumption, or insurance requirements/issues.
  •  Credit Agreement review to ensure the target’s ability to comply with the requirements.  We review leases.  We review supplier contracts.
  • Insurance policy review to ensure appropriate coverage’s are purchase. We look for unfunded liabilities, adverse claim activity and proper reserves.
  • Financial Projections to provide client with a cost of their insurance program post acquisition along with any one time transaction costs.