Here at Securitas Insurance Partners, we believe our clients expect highly specialized and experienced brokers on their side of the insurance negotiation. Coverage, price and service are the three elements of success.

Our goal is to help our clients buy insurance. We work closely with our clients to understand their business, quantify, and manage the risks associated with your business. We negotiate broad coverage terms on each placement. We also market the programs so that we are able to provide the most cost effective option.

We are able to accomplish this through:

  • We have direct access to some of the largest insurance carriers in the United States
  • We have a strategic partnership with international brokerage firms which provide both global market access and deep insurance resources.

We have a dedicated relationship management team  is responsible for the entire service agreement with our clients. Our team will:

  • Provide in-depth analysis of exposures, losses and trends
  • Develop strong understanding of your business
  • Develop program design, pricing and coverage terms
  • Negotiate optimal retention’s and limits
  • Provide day to day service – certificates of insurance, contract review, market trends, claims management, etc.
  • Establish claims and loss control agreements with carriers
  • Point of contact for all resources